Working out your entire body at once can help promote weight loss, and can conquer most of your major muscles in just a few exercises, can be a time saver. A lot of people stick with cardio or lift weights to help lose weight and build muscle, which is fine, but it can take you much longer to get where you want to be. These exercises don't take long and you can get in a good workout in just 20 minutes, without the use of weights or any exercise equipment at all. Read on to learn about some full-body exercises. 

Forearm Planks

Forearm planks are a version of planks, but you are actually on your forearms instead of your hands. You are trying to keep your core tight, your legs together and strong, and your back straight. This is a full-body workout that can build muscle and strengthen your core. It works all of the major areas of the body. You can add more time to your forearm planks, and to add more difficulty to it, you can move your body up to a plank position on your hands, then move your body back to the forearm position, continuing to do this as you keep your core tight and your body straight.

Jumping Jacks/Running In Place

Don't rule out a good jumping jack exercise; this can give you a boost of cardio, while also giving you some muscle build as well. Jog in place for a second or two, then add in a few jumping jacks, then go back to jogging in place, then repeat the jumping jacks. This exercise should be done with you holding in your core muscles, and working your arms and legs. Repeat this movement for at least 1 minute, and add more time as you go along.


Punch the air as you would a punching bag, then move to a box-kicking stance and lift your leg to kick out in front of you and then to the side. Repeat with the punches and then the kicking, and work both legs for this exercise. You can do one leg with 10 reps, then move to the other, or alternate legs. This is an exercise that will work your entire body. Be sure you are kicking out strongly; don't just lift your legs.

These are just a few full-body exercises that you can do at home, without the use of any equipment at all. If you do these exercises for 20 minutes at home and incorporate more to your routine, you could notice a difference in your body in just a few weeks.