Getting fit is typically associated with making your body slimmer, trimmer, and stronger. However, exercise doesn't just benefit your body. It also benefits your brain considerably. No matter what age you are, adding exercise to part of your regular routine can make a big difference in your life. Here's what you need to know about how it can protect and defend your brain.

Keeps You Young

It's a known fact that people tend to get a little bit slower in the head as they age. But does it have to be that way?

Studies are now starting to show that regular exercise can help to stave off age-related brain degeneration that slows thoughts and reaction times. Adding exercise in can help to rejuvenate the brain, but most importantly, keeping a regular routine of exercise in your life from as early as possible can help you to avoid those developments from the start. This way, you can maintain a healthy, active brain as you age, which will make all aspects of your life safer and more enjoyable.

Prevents and Slows Dementia

Dementia and Alzheimer's are a big threat in this day and age. There still isn't a cure for these conditions, and once you have it, all that can be done is to take medication to help slow it down. But maybe that's not actually true after all.

Studies are starting to show that people who exercise on a regular basis are at a much lower risk of developing Alzheimer's in the first place than those who don't exercise. While it's not an absolute protection, anything that helps to lower your risk is a good thing.

Other studies have discovered that people who already have Alzheimer's and dementia seem to lose their cognizant abilities more slowly if they exercise.

The reasoning behind these studies is that exercise helps to lower inflammation in the body and improves blood flow, which are both important things to the health of the brain. Unfortunately, many elderly people either never exercised or stopped doing so at a certain point, which can increase their risk for developing this dangerous and deadly disease.

Even if you don't like exercise, it's important to engage in it on a regular basis for the sake of your body and your brain. Start creating a fitness plan now that will keep you active in the years to come. Your heart, lungs, and brain will all thank you for it