Usually, it is men who want to bulk up and get lots of lean muscle. However, the ladies are catching up in this department. Unfortunately, the legal steroids that are commercially available have not fully caught on to this growing trend. If the ladies take half of what the men are taking, they would not be ladies for very long! There are some legal steroid manufacturers that have taken notice, and there are some legal steroids that both men and women can use without worrying about turning into the opposite sex. Here are some of the best legal steroids that are safe for both men and women to use.

Dianabol (or D-Bol)

Dianabol tablets are easily swallowed, do not require a prescription, and do not require injections with a needle. D-bol, as it is more commonly known, increases nitrogen in the muscle tissues to aid in protein (a.k.a., muscle) synthesis. Muscles get bigger and harder faster than exercise alone.


Anvarol contains a diuretic feature which removes water retention in the muscles. Excess water makes you look flabby, not cut and lean. The anvarol tablets help you look more "cut" without decreasing muscle mass. It also claims to burn more abdominal fat, which, when combined with the water loss, reveals the strong lean muscles underneath.


Clenbuterol is an ephedrine-free energy booster and body fat melter (when combined with exercise, of course). Both male and female athletes can use clenbuterol as it is not derived from any hormones or hormone supplements of any kind. In some people it also acts as an appetite suppressant, a bonus if you need to shed a few extra pounds and you are one of the few people for which clenbuterol is an appetite suppressant. Since all legal steroids affect everyone differently, you will not know until you try it.

Illegal Steroid Replacements

If you were doing some illegal steroids and you want to stop, some legal steroid manufacturers have now created products that mimic and replace the illegal ones you were taking. You can continue to get the same results you were getting on the illegal 'roids, but now you can take legal products to do it. The labels for these products will clearly state something like, "oxymetholone replacement" or "nandrolone replacement." Ladies, the legal replacements safest for your use are the Oxy replacement products and anything that suggests "muscle support without testosterone side effects."