Participating in physical activities each day can help bolster your child's mental and physical health. While parents know that regular exercise is critical for developing children, getting kids to give up their video games, tablets, and other electronic devices can be challenging.

Here are three activities that you can try to help get your kids excited about exercise in the future.

1. Create an activity cube.

Turning exercise into a form of entertainment can be a great way to get your kids excited about moving. An activity cube can help make exercise more fun.

All you need to do is find a square box and tape the flaps shut. Have your children help you paint and decorate the exterior of the box, then write a kid-friendly exercise activity (like jumping jacks or hopping on one foot) on each side of the box. Children can roll the cube like a dice, then perform the activity showing when the cube comes to a stop.

Making exercise a game by creating an activity cube will help you get your kids moving more.

2. Utilize kid-friendly workout videos.

Many adults are familiar with workout videos that provide structured physical activity, but few adults think to utilize workout videos to help their children get more exercise. If your child enjoys playing with a tablet or computer, have him or her tune into a kid-friendly workout video online.

These videos are filled with fun movements that will get your child's heart rate up, and your child will enjoy working out with the virtual group participating in the same movements on the video.

3. Harness the power of your child's imagination.

A child's imagination can provide you with the perfect exercise tool. Asking your child to engage in an activity where he or she acts out a specific scene can be beneficial in getting your child to move without realizing that he or she is exercising.

One great imagination game that promotes physical activity involves zoo animals. Call out names of zoo animals and have your child act out what these animals do. Running like a zebra or flapping one's arms like an exotic bird can be simple and fun ways for your child to get more exercise each day.

Keeping your child healthy is a top priority, and finding creative ways to get your child moving more is an essential requirement for good health. Try creating an activity cube, utilizing kid-friendly workout videos, and having your child act out zoo animals to help them have fun while exercising. For more tips, contact a trainer such as Nestor Calucag.