Having a c-section greatly affects your body. After all, you've just encountered a major surgery that can take six weeks to heal from (or longer, if you had major complications or an emergency c-section). Even after your doctor gives you the go-ahead to lift heavier objects, twist and turn your body, and get back into mild exercise, you still may want to take it easy for a while to avoid putting extra strain on your tender back and abdominal muscles. If you want to get back into an exercise routine for your health, then use the following tips to help you choose the best fitness classes to keep you moving safely.


You want to choose low-impact fitness classes that will still help you break a sweat and tone those new mommy muscles. A great class to choose is water aerobics due to the weightless factor you will have underwater combined with the calorie burning swimming provides. Before entering the water, make sure your stitches from surgery have healed in order to prevent infection.

Another low-impact fitness class you can consider is a walking class. This class typically includes a low step stool that you can use to build your leg muscles while keeping your core tight. This is a popular class for individuals who have issues with their knee or ankle joints or those who have recently undergone surgery or physical rehabilitation.

Movement control

As you recover from your c-section, you will want to slowly move your stomach and back muscles to get them back in shape. Choose a fitness class that allows you to control movement in a secure environment, such as yoga or beginner pilates. These classes allow you to gently stretch, align, and provide needed oxygen to your healing muscles and joints so you can feel better and heal more successfully. Some moves in a beginner class can feel too extreme to take on, so don't be afraid to modify poses so you aren't twisting or bending too much.

If you have a fitness studio in your area that offers pregnancy yoga or pilates, you can join these classes. They often offer already modified poses to allow pregnant and new moms to move their bodies in a healthy manner.  

Before you start any fitness class after having a c-section, talk to your doctor first to get the green light. This way, you don't start working out too soon or put unneeded stress and strain on your body.