If you have a bad knee, then you probably won't be hitting the track and jogging anytime soon. However, this doesn't mean that you have to give up and stay on the couch. There are lots of ways that you can get into shape that don't involve pounding your knees.

Lap Pool

Swimming is a great form of cardiovascular exercise, and it also will tone your muscles. You should find a gym that has a lap pool. It's not enough to wade around in a pool like you might while on vacation. What you want to do is find a pool where you can swim laps. Many gyms will have lap pools that are made of sectioned off lanes where you can swim the length of the pool. By doing this back and forth, you can get a really good cardiovascular workout, plus it will exercise your upper back, arms, and legs.

Low Impact Cardio Machines

If swimming is not your thing, then you should check out the low impact cardio machines at your gym. Machines such as ellipticals are a great alternative to Stairmasters and treadmills. Ellipticals are extremely low impact. The pads (or pedals) move with your body, so you're not constantly making impact. The machines mimic running and stair climbing. Most gyms will have a row of ellipticals lined up in the same room as bikes and treadmills. If you're not sure how to use one, make sure to ask a trainer to give you a quick demonstration.

Weight Training With A Personal Trainer

While cardio is important, you shouldn't skip weight training. Lifting weights is an important aspect of any workout routine. Even if you're not looking to get big "bodybuilder" muscles, you still should hit the weights. First, the more muscle you have, the more calories your body burns, even at rest. So, by creating muscle you are making your body more of a calorie burning machine. Secondly, lifting weight helps to strengthen bones. There is evidence that lifting weights can increase bone density. This is a great way to lessen the chance of fractures.

It's a good idea to get coaching from a personal trainer on how to lift. Even if you've lifted weights a few times before, a personal trainer will show you how to lift properly so that you don't get injuries. It would be a disaster to start doing deadlifts and have the wrong posture. Not only would you not hit the target muscles (quads, glutes, and lower back) but you might end up causing an injury that would have you out of commission for a while.

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